A relationship started right

I help young people in a committed relationship to be financially prepared for a happy life ahead


Communication and honesty in conveying expectations, goals, and anxieties are much more important than just opening a joint account. 


The age old conflict between savers and spenders becomes apparent much later. This can make one personality feel less independent than the other one. 


Based on numbers and money personalities, financial coaching develops a lot of confidence into the relationship and shared dreams. 

Financial Readiness for a committed relationship

Achieve financial compatibility with partner. Maintain your independence while collaborating in managing family finances. 

Prepare for life goals and emergencies by prudent financial planning. 

Develop confidence in setting and achieving financial goals. Financial goals are derived from purposeful higher level goals. 

Your Coaching Experience

The coaching process is not a mere financial planning exercise. It blends the past and the future into an actionable plan for the present. The past defines the client’s money personality while the future defines hopes, dreams and anxieties. The goals are developed using the SMART format and execution recommendation takes into account the money personality.

Two decades in one relationship with differing money personalities, lived in two countries with different saving cultures.

  • A personal finance coach passionate about helping and spreading financial education.
  • Specializes in finances for Young adults and new families.
  • An experienced professional who has seen ups and downs and how financial habits affect all aspects of the relationship.
  • Learnt family financial management through mistakes, experiments and self paced education. 

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*Financial Coaches Network provides training, technology, and operational support to help me be more successful as a financial coach. Being a member means I have the resources to focus less on my business and focus more on serving you.